IPFS Camp 2022

Oct 28-30, 2022 • Lisbon, Portugal

IPFS Camp 2022 is a gathering for the entire IPFS community: devs, operators, implementers, researchers – and you! Join us for talks, workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more, all focused on celebrating and advancing IPFS.

Location: Convento do Beato, Lisbon, Portugal

**Tracks include: **

Content Routing · Creatives & Artists & IPFS · Growing with IPFS · IPFS Implementers · IPFS Operators ·  IPFS User & Dev Tools for Fun & Awesome · IPFS Users Showcase · Learning IPFS · libp2p Builders · libp2p & IPFS Privacy · Measurement & Performance · New Problems in Decentralized Network Research · & more!



All tickets include entry to the full 3-day event and breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner at the IPFS Camp venue.

General ($400)

The essential ticket for attending IPFS Camp 2022. This is for everyone!

Builder ($200)

Discounted tickets for builders: anyone who is building with IPFS or related technologies, or contributing to IPFS project or community.

Student & Academic ($100)

Limited tickets for students, educators and researchers with academic affiliation and experience or interest in IPFS.

Volunteer (Free)

Limited tickets for community members who can volunteer for 3 x 2 hour shifts during the event.

IPFS Scholars (Free)

This program provides entry, flights, and accommodation for individuals from underrepresented communities, unique circumstances, or developing areas to connect with and contribute to the IPFS ecosystem.

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